2021 Financial Calendar

Keeping your business on track and planning for the future can be difficult. There are so many events and deadlines to plan for, missing an important date could be costly. To help track these events we created a calendar with all the important financial dates of 2021.  To download the calendar click here.


Key Dates for Q1 2021

  • January 15th – Q4 estimated tax payments are due – If you are concerned that your payments won’t be made on time consider making all estimated tax payments online to ensure timely filing and immediate payment confirmation


  • February 1st – Form 1099 filings are due. did you pay an independent contractor more than $600 in 2020? If yes, be sure to file the form 1099- NEC.


  • March 15th – Deadline day for business tax returns (without extension request)


  • March 15th – Deadline day for funding employer contributions to business retirement accounts unless an extension is filed.