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Is Massachusetts DUA Charging You Monthly?

November 2018 | admin

Here’s why the Massachusetts Department of Unemployment Assistance might now be charging you monthly.
If you have an employee covered by MA health, employers are now responsible to pay up to $750 per employee per year to the MA DUA. This payment is based on 5% of the first $15K of the employee’s wages. The Employer Medical Assistance Contribution (EMAC) supplement started in January of 2018, and kicks in when businesses have 5 or more employees. This is an a additional tax for employers whose employees (part time or full time) are on MA health care coverage. As an employer, you have no control over this cost if you have an employee covered by MA health.
With yearend fast approaching, this is a great time to have all insurance policies and employee benefit programs reviewed for potential savings and/or upgrades.